Efficiency in motion

The ATTACA single-skin folding wall

Where there are no special requirements for sound insulation but an attractive and user-friendly timber partition is required, the simple single-skin folding wall will be an excellent choice. The unique magnetic closing system extends over the full height of the wall to provide a perfect closure. The walls are manufactured using custom width panels which precisely tie in with your wall dimensions, something no other manufacturer can offer!
The high quality of the rollers and the other mechanical parts will deliver long years of easy opening and closing. Pedestrian doors mounted on jambs are also among the possibilities. In the closed position these walls have a "concertina fold" appearance.

What makes these walls special?

• The thickness of the panels. Our competitors' products are generally based on panels 10 or 12 mm thick, but at ATTACA we use 16 mm panels.
• Custom panel widths. Many manufacturers use standard panel widths, which means that the panels protrude by different amounts when the wall is folded. By spacing the panels evenly across the opening we ensure that the wall always looks neat when it is folded away. A folding wall with 300 mm wide panels is also cheaper than one made from 200 mm panels. ATTACA recommend that the panels should not be excessively wide, as narrower panels create a more aesthetically satisfying appearance.
• The closing system. There are huge differences between different manufacturer's offerings here, while this is one of the most significant components of the system. ATTACA have developed a unique magnetic closing system which is installed on a strengthened closing jamb, resulting in a solid closure from top to bottom.
• The hinge profile. The mechanical quality, the design and the range of colours available are the factors that set our products apart here.
• Rails and rollers. The sliding mechanism is at the heart of any sliding door system, and this is one area where manufacturers and suppliers should never seek to economise! At ATTACA we use robust ball-bearing rollers with nylon contact surfaces in an anodised upper rail, resulting in unbeatable ease in use..