Efficiency in motion

The ATTACA mobile panel wall P90

At first sight the ATTACA mobile panel wall P90 might be a twin brother to the P110. There are a number of substantial differences however, making this wall system the preferred choice where pricing is paramount. For example the mobile wall P90 has surrounding framing rather than concealed joints. The technical drawings in the product information section illustrate the differences in the finest detail. The noise insulation performance of this system means that a good environment can be created for meetings.

Tried and tested technical performance

Apart from the differences in the level of finish the ATTACA mobile panel wall P90 is not technically inferior to the moveable wall P110. Whether the P90 is the best option in any specific case depends on the requirements set down for the room divider system in question, taking account of aesthetics, noise insulation values and fire resistance. As always, ATTACA will be happy to advise you.